mercoledì 26 agosto 2015

Fear the Walking Dead Poster Artwork

I am a fan of Walking Dead and what I love most from the show is something that AMC's marketing people probably have learnt well from fans like me. When thinking about the main key artwork for the new spin-off, the aesthetic spirit of the serie was not betrayed: The original approach of horror themes avoiding trivial commonplaces.  They are very effective creating an alternative, almost romantic vision of Apocalypse.

The lone walker in the field.

 Far in the end of season 2, the 18 Miles Out episode gave an early experience of that:  A lone zombie wandering through a field of golden crop. That bucolic image was a hit and triggered a lot of interpretations among viewers. It was even included in the opening of the following seasons.

When they displayed the new poster in Comic Con 2015 I just loved it. Footprints by the beach at sunset. No monsters, no rotten people. Just the concept of an ending summer and some weird detail... The Rule of Less is More.

Graphic campaign on a bus along Broadway Av. in Manhattan.
    But it was just a taste. The week before the premiere I witnessed a Manhattan under a massive graphic campaign displaying the last poster slightly more explicit than the previous one but still remaining elegant and evocative: Sunset again. Backlight. Two guys playing naively in the street and the promise of a looming dramma.                              

Something to keep in mind:  Creativeness, knowledge of the consumer and  keeping away from clichéd solutions always pay.  Last Sunday " Fears the Walking Dead" sets all-time cable rating premiere record with more than 10 millions of people in front of the TV.

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