martedì 6 novembre 2012

The Artwork of SKYFALL

The gun aligned with the gun logo is such a detail to highlight.

I am a Bond fan, I confess. And like many other followers of the cold-blooded secret agent I was enthusiastic about the new arrive at the end of October. Speaking sincerely,  I expected much more than I've found. Casino Royale still remains the best for me.  However, what I most enjoyed this time was the artwork that the franchise applied to emphasize some concepts along the plot.

Earlier this week I tweet about the promo banner: I think that the real gun perfectly aligned with the gun logo is superb. In addition, the rising dust stressing the idea of fall is good too.

Much more alternative but always curiously effective are the minimal concept posters like the smoking gun from an uncommon prospective and the reflected Big-Ben: If you pay attention, the handle of the gun has fresh fingerprints as it has just been used.


Talking about the photography of the movie itself, It should be said that is awesome. This is due to Roger Antony Deakins, a former photographer who probably has inspired your cinematography taste during the years. Did you enjoy the atmospheres in Barton Fink and The Big Lebowsky? Well... That's your guy. So, although the screenplay could be better, the Shanghai and Macau scenes are spectacular enough to worth seeing them on The Big Screen.

The Macau party.

Last but not least: The Adele Intro.
Choosing a Cyan & Black design adds a vintage flavor that take you back to the 60's. A smart movement to reinforce the celebration of the past. 

I am sure that the film is going to face split opinions. But one thing is for sure: Nobody can deny that they have done a wonderful job pumping up the concepts they wanted to transmit even before the public went to the movie theaters.


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